Consumer Health Features

Don’t limit your connection with patients to just when they’re sick. Earning loyalty means having the latest content and products that consumers are shopping for

Engagement and Loyalty Must Be Earned

The most enduring brands engage users year round, even when they’re not in purchasing mode. To truly transform, health systems need to go beyond sick care and be a consistent presence in patients’ lives. Did you know that:


4 out of 5 patients today either have or would consider buying a fitness tracker or OOP clinical test


Over half of your patients describe genetic testing as an important or ‘must have’ part of a membership


Over half of people worry about credible health content, despite 1 Bn daily Google health searches

Your Solution

Personalized content, clinical-grade products and services to meet consumer health demand… all out-of-the-box, white-labeled and integrated

Consumer Health Opportunities:

Personalized Content

  • Group customization (i.e., D2E)
  • Clinical wellness assessments
  • “Ask a doctor” Q&A
  • Spiritual and group support

Membership Upgrades

  • Subscription lifestyle labs
  • Diet, fitness and sleep consults
  • Genetic testing by mail
  • Cancer and drug risk live review