We’re Amenity

We’re here to help make healthcare the way it should be, for everyone: frictionless, personalized and engaging. Care to join us?

Our Mission

Build the healthcare experience we all deserve, and partner with progressive healthcare providers to make it available to and affordable for every patient and family in the country

Our Team

Dr. Aasim Saeed


  • Baylor Scott & White Health, VP of Digital Health
  • Experienced startup founder, with exit
  • McKinsey Health Sector Practice
  • Rice BA, Harvard MPA, Duke MD


Tom White

Founder/CEO of Phynd

Lisa Bielamowicz

Founder/President of Gist

Chas Roades

Founder/CEO of Gist



Transformation should be measured in months, it’s long overdue for patients


The patient is the customer. We help clients win that customer


The future of healthcare will be tech + services built together, from the start

Are You An Amenity?

Passion for healthcare

Our applicants can typically work anywhere, why healthcare? What does it mean to you? What are you willing to give up to work in healthcare? Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?

Impatient change agents

We believe change comes from a combination of deep subject matter expertise (e.g., we’ve seen too many “disruptors” fail because they simply fail to understand incentives in healthcare) paired with an inherent disrespect for the current state of affairs. And we don’t mean lip service disrespect, we mean a “quit your job” commitment to fixing it.

Doers, builders and risk takers

We’re tired of how slow things change in healthcare. We understand why this industry is conservative, but trying new things shouldn’t take years. The time is now.


Open Positions

Product Manager


Native Mobile Developer


Nurse Practitioner